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Our Story

Inspired by the Gandhian ideals of socio-economic change, our founders, a group of like-minded professionals who shared a common dream of implementing a people-centric model of development to benefit the poorest of the poor, set up Sukalyan Welfare Society on 2nd October, 2002 as a non-profit organization at a small village in West Bengal later registered in Kolkata under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 on 8th March, 2005 with a group of 7 governing body members and 12 general members belonging from different walks of life.

Driven by the values Seva, Sadhana and Kranti, Sukalyan strives to ensure last-mile delivery of key services to the most undeserved and poorest of the poor communities in West Bengal and several other states. In formulating its core programme areas and projects in each of these areas, the principal objective of Sukalyan is to select those communities that are the least reached by the government and other mainstream development agencies.

At present Sukalyan reaches the unreached through well- planned and comprehensive programmes under four broad programmatic areas that are Sustainable Livelihoods, Financial Literacy & Inclusion, Civil Society empowerment, Early Childhood Care & Education and CSO Empowerment which is leading to improvement of lives or empowering lives

As an organisation Sukalyan reached to 20+ Districts across four States in Eastern and North Eastern India and impacted more than 0.2 million lives and it is getting bigger and better day by day. What keeps us going is the growing belief that people have put in us — be it our targeted beneficiaries or those who support us through funds, sharing knowledge, sharing our initiatives and foremost sharing our thoughts. However, last couple of years we have been growing as fast as light reaches us during the thunderstorm (which is defined at our logo) but it’s the spirit of the Sukalyan family that supports us. Sukalyan is not driven by the passion of just few change makers but the passion, values and ethos that each one of us holds. 


To play the role of a facilitator for the benefit of the community without distinction of caste, sector, religion, class or creed, in the fields of Livelihoods, Early Childhood Care & Education and Financial Literacy & Inclusion


Accomplish a passionate commitment to the social obligations towards communities, fostering sustainable and integrated development, thus improving the quality of life.

Goal we wish to achieve

To benefit 5 lakh people through our initiatives for sustainable development within 2022 when India will be celebrating its 75th year of Independence.

Our Core Values

Over the years, there are some basic values that have governed us and will continue to govern us.

  • We trust people till proven otherwise in order to build or start relationships

  • We make active, sincere and honest for the people approach 

  • We commune with people and their problems to find solutions that effectively suits a particular community or region

  • We belief in doing first and talking about it later

  • We cherish equality as a value when co-creating impact with partners, stakeholders, co-workers and the people we intend to serve

  • We try to work for the poorest of the poor in the remotest of remote locations to help the most marginalised and deprived

  • We create a work environment that empowers people to express their issues and offer intelligent solutions, irrespective of their positions within the organization

  • We ensure transparency and good governance

Our Management Committee

Mr Birendra Chandra Gautam


Mrs Bindu Rani Karmakar


Mrs Sucharita Das Adhikari


Mrs Sumita Guha Mustafi

Managing Committee Member 

Mrs Shanti Aich

Managing Committee Member

Mrs Swapna Nath

Managing Committee Member

Mrs Jharna Dutta

Managing Committee Member


Sukalyan Welfare Society is a nonprofit organisation which is working towards its mission and vision maintaining objectives and highest level of transparently as possible. To achieve complete transparency, we are happy to share all information related to the compliance set by the regulatory authorities

Registration Certificate of Society under West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961

Memorandum and Article of Association certified by the Registrar of Societies

Registered U/S 12 AA of Income Tax Act, 1961

Registered U/S 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961

Besides these laws laid down by the government, Sukalyan and its employees are also governed by a set of internal policies.

1. Human Resources Policy

2. Finance Policy

3. Child Protection Policy

4. Information Technology Policy

5. Gender Policy

Annual Report 2019- 2020

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